Saturday, June 21, 2008

Always check the screen!

So I am watching my Boyfriends cat, Fred, and his Dog, Angus, while he is in the panhandle for a family reunion this weekend. Everything thing has been going fine until...I decided to open a window for him on the back porch to cool it off last night, needless to say from the title, I didn't check the screen, I just opened the window and left. About 10 minutes later my roommate comes in and asks were Fred was and I said on the porch, he was like oh I couldn't find him... so we went to investigate, and after searching the room high and low and wondering where he could be hiding... I was just saying "well he was here when I opened the window..." and all the sudden the light came on. I pushed on the screen and the whole thing like fell out the window! So in my state of panic, that I had just lost the beloved cat... we rounded up a posy and headed out with flash lights at midnight in search for the lost Fred.

Luckily we found him... with the help of Myah, we successfully got Fred back to safety away from the savage neighborhood dogs, and back to the porch... where I was sure to check all the other window screens before leaving him for the second time.

Talk about getting your blood pumping before one tries to go to sleep! Thankfully everything turned out ok though, and Fred lives to see another day! Stay tuned for more, Lost Fred Adventures... Just kidding lets hope there are no more of those.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello again!

So I have come to terms with the fact that I am a very inconsistant blogger... right Grandma! so here so a long over due update on things...

I am living in Curtis NE, now working at the gas station making pizzas as a summer job until school starts back up in June, it is very exciting... lol so besides Church and work that is what I do... I just returned from a quick trip home, ahh sweet North Dakota! I miss everyone already but I will (God Willing) see you all again in June when I am back for Camp. :-D

Myah is proving to be a great little life lesson on parenting...grin, she definitely keeps me on my toes! But what can I say I need her and love her so she is stuck with me! lol The weather has been super nice lately and I can't say that I miss the Mosquito's back home so much... I can sit on my front porch and not have to swat at them every too seconds!!! But on the down side we have rattle snakes here... I can't decide which one I dislike more!

But after a long day of pizza making and two more ahead of me... I am going to turn in, and try to be more on top of my blog... try being the key word in that sentence! :-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hockey Game

So it is a little last minute but I get to go to the UND hockey play off's tomorrow night... I am leaving Hay Springs, NE and driving strait through to Grand Fork, ND, it could be a long day... I am just asking for prays of safely and that I am able to make it on time. But I am going to need my sleep for tomorrow so I will keep you all posted. Spring Break has officially begun!!! [Grin]

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So I have a funny story to tell everyone but right now I really need to be studying for my nursing test tomorrow... so look for and update soon!! : )

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm so excited, one of my friends and I were talking about random stuff one night, and she was looking through my pictures and one thing lead to another, and we got on the topic of Bluegrass gospel music, turns out she likes it too! So we spent the rest of the night talking about God and she hasn't gone to church in a while, so I said we should look for a Baptist church in North Platte, cause she lives there on the weekends. I can't wait until Sunday, we talked and it was so good to find someone that I can talk to that actually knows... or cares to hear what I have to say about God, because lets face it down here there isn't a lot of people who go to church on Sunday, as sad as that may be. I have been going to the Methodist church here, but I am really looking forward to finding a church that is firmly founded on the word of God!
We have been sharing and talking so much and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my heart! like lately I had been struggle to stay in focus with everything, But I know that finding a good church and fellowship with others will help! I can't wait and I am so thankful that God sent me a friend, and I don't if she needed me, but I know that she has been a real blessing, in so many ways!

Thank you Cassie for being that friend!

More exciting news is there is a bluegrass festival in North Platte every year and we are going to look in to going to it. Wooh!! It has been a great week! Spring Break is coming up here in a week!!! So much to do so little time... well not really I just have to study for my nursing test next Friday.
Did I tell ya'll about when the school took us bowling?? Probably not, due to the fact that I haven't blogged since February... [sheepish grin] But yeah the school took a group of us bowling, really who ever wanted to go, it was alot of fun! Luckily there was no balls rolling backwards, like the last time we went bowling and Darci swung the ball back and it slipped from her hand and rolled the opposite direction of the pins... ha ha it was funny, that and the fact that her feet where so small, or maybe the rental shoes were just sized big, but she got to wear vel-crow shoes, cause those where the only one that fit her! Well anyways it was good fun, and we got free pizza outta the deal.

The crazy people that I had to share the van with... just kidding!

Intramural Volleyball is almost over... my team is doing well, we haven't lost every game but we haven't won them all either, I think we are stuck in the middle. Basketball starts as soon as Volleyball is over, and I got suckered into being on a team... I hope I will get sit the bench... alot, cause I can hold the ball well but some how I seem to dribble it off my foot, and then it goes rolling down the floor and there I go running after it! I volunteer to be the water person!!! pick me, pick me! lol Bridget, Amanda and I had a little sleep over in my room on Saturday, and Myah joined us, it was a nice treat. My baby is growing up so fast! She is such a sweet heart though, and every one knows her around the dorms, she doesn't lack attention when she it here that is for sure; the cleaning lady even knows her, she always asks me how she is doing, and tells me how cute she is! She also got a bath on Sunday, after kennels... hehe!

If God led you to it; he'll lead you through it!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


So it is just an ordinary Saturday in Curtis NE, the sun is shining, it is really quite nice outside. and I am just hanging out in my room. Myah came up to visit me for a little while this morning, she not supposed, but I snuck her up for old time sake. and then she got a hold of the yarn...

It was really intertaining, but I don't think I will ever be able to get that knot out!!! [Smile]

Friday, January 4, 2008

No Excuses!

I am back... wait I never went anywhere, I mean to be back doesn't require leaving??? haha well I am back to the blogging world, after a long long long absences, and no good reason why, other then I have just neglected my blog! I blame facebook. :-D
Well since I have neglected it so, I missed my blog anniversary... sad, very sad! :(
I am home now, until the 10th, then I am going back to get ready for classes to start again on the 14th. I am a little nervous about my second semester, but looking forward to seeing all the friendly faces that I have missed being so far away! Nothing to exciting has happened over break, well... Michael broke is collar bone in a traumatic skiing accident...okay he just biffed it and landed wrong, so it wasn't traumatic! Although now he wears this lovely brace that makes him look some what hunched backed... he is out of wrestling for the year, and is utilizing the time to go ice fishing.
"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for life."
On New Years Eve Micki, Mollie, and Traci came over and we were going to watch movies, turns out we spent most of the time talking, (who would have guessed...) but at least this year we didn't miss midnight, like last year... haha. Then of course like always I feel asleep, and left my guest to watch the movie by themselves, I wasn't going to but why break tradition?!?!
Well now I am just hanging out and doing some laundry, really exciting I know!! :)
Hope everyone had a Great Christmas, and many New Year Blessings!
Oh, and more exciting news, I got another dog... I know what you are all thinking, but she needed a good home, and she is really super sweet! Her name is Missy, and she is the last dog i will be getting for a while, mainly because I think if I would bring anymore home I might actually go missing... haha, but seriously!